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Well, I’ve decided to test your commitment to reading our blog by running you around a bit. Turns out that this WordPress site is great… if you want to write your own CSS code and blah blah blah. Basically, it’s a bit too involved for what we’re trying to do. So I found a more user-friendly option.

We’re switching a different blogging site called Tumblr. But it’s easy enough: just switch your bookmark to…

Did I already say that this is a work in progress? 🙂 Thanks for all the great comments so far… you can continue them on Tumblr.

Oh, and we’re in South Africa now via a looooong direct flight from NYC. One short skip over to Maseru and we’ll be underway.


play ball.

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Dearest friends and family,

Welcome to our new blog. Within, we hope to regularly transmit tales of a 27-month journey in the mountain kingdom of Lesotho (pronounced lih-SOO-too). We can only imagine what awaits in a hemisphere catty corner to everything we’ve known, but on June 2, we’ll take a deep breath, double-knot our shoelaces, and probably study our packing list for the 205th (but hopefully last) time and step onto the aeroplane.

In true Peace Corps style, our assignment all came together in a very rushed manner, so in case any of you are short on details – welp, we’re in the same boat – here is a quick summary of what we’re getting ourselves into:

Lauren and I will be Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) on a Community Health & Economic Development (CHED) assignment in Lesotho, which is an independent nation completely surrounded by South Africa. Our jobs will most likely include a mix of farming, nutrition & healthcare education, HIV/AIDS prevention, and youth development. So, pretty wide open. The good news is that we’ll spend the first 3 months learning how to do all this and studying the local language of Sesotho (yes, that’s sih-SOO-too). We pray we’ll pass all our training exams and thenceforth be assigned to spend 2 years living and learning in a rural mountain community. We are ridiculously excited.

Meanwhile, much is still unknown… minor details of course, like access to electricity, availability of internet/cell phone communication, our housing, etc. Perhaps some gaps will be filled in during a one-day orientation in Philadelphia, but we have a feeling that answers will only come once we arrive in country later this week. We will update you, dear blogreaders, as often as we can.

We covet your support, thoughts, prayers, and correspondence, so here’s some info to write down!

Current Lesotho mailing address:
Matt and/or Lauren Deakin, PCV
U.S. Peace Corps
P.O. Box 554
Maseru 100

Email: Matt –, Lauren –

Skype: matt.lauren.deakin (it’s a new account, so make sure to add us!)

Cell phone: pending…

Pictures: still deciding between Flickr or just Facebook albums. Suggestions?

We’ll be in touch. Peace.

Much love,